Here are the official rules of the Own Eurovision Song Contest. Please read them carefully. 

General rules

  1. To enter the contest, you must join the waiting list.
  2. After joining the contest, you must chose one of the available free countries.
  3. Everyone must participate just with one country.
  4. It's required to participate at least three editions with the same country. The only exception is when your native country becomes free.
  5. Everyone should confirm the participation or the withdrawal in the upcoming edition within the deadline.
  6. It's required to submit an entry before the deadline, otherwise the country will be eliminated and the player will get a strike.
  7. The entry is officially submitted after being posted in the confirmation thread.
  8. The entry can be changed after being posted, but the original cannot be used again in a further edition.


  1. Entries can be chosen internally or with national selections.
  2. Before submitting entry, it's required to send it for approval to the council.
  3. The singer should be from or have strong connection with the country they represent.
  4. A band or a collaboration can represent the country if at least one of members is from the selected country.
  5. The song can be any length and released after 2000.
  6. The singer must be 16 years old to participate.
  7. (J)ESC songs are not allowed to enter.
  8. Official covers are allowed[1].
  9. The submitted entry must have a studio version.

Originality rule

To prevent the overused and unoriginal songs do extremely well just because they are well-known, disadvantaging other countries, every entry should be approved before being submitted. If the song took part in the most popular contests on forum, it cannot enter OESC.


If someone doesn't follow any rule they will receive strikes. You can get strike for various reason:

  • Not confirming participation/withdrawal each edition before deadline;
  • Not submitting entry after confirming;
  • Failing to vote in any required event;
  • Submitting entry without approval;
  • Not respecting any of the rules;

You will be permanently banned for cheating in the voting or for joining with a fake account.

Current blacklists

Own Eurovision Song Contest

     Temporary ban
     Permanent ban
     Does not compete
Member Strike 1 Strike 2 Strike 3
Ireland Alexito X
Iceland Apostolis X
Lithuania Britz X
Albania Bronson X
Morocco Callum X
Portugal Emanuel X Χ
France Florian X
Algeria Jens X
San Marino Juan X X
Andorra Kyron X
Luxembourg Lefteris X
Egypt Mark X
Cyprus Max X
Macedonia Nicky X Χ
Bulgaria Phil X
Spain Ricardo X
Malta Rytis X X
Hungary Vaios X
None Alex (BG) X X Χ
None Alexxx X X Χ
None Henrik X X X
None Marc X X X
None Selvin X X X
None Andrija X X X
None Angelo X
None Kevin X
None Manos X
None Nikola X

Own Asiavision Song Contest

     Temporary ban
     Permanent ban
     Does not compete
Member Strike 1 Strike 2 Strike 3
Syria Adamantios X X
Singapore Aliya X
Palestine Bas X X
Laos Britz X
Afghanistan Jens X
Hong Kong Lefteris X
Nepal Shax X
Jordan Tom X
Sri Lanka TheChill X
Maldives Torbjørn X
None Aless X
None Rick X
None Juandb X X
None Alex BG X X X
None Ari X X X
None Francisco X X X
None Jericho X X X
None Manos X X X
None Merlin X X X
None Nicky X X X

Own Americavision Song Contest

Member Strike 1 Strike 2 Strike 3
Saint Lucia Callum X
French Guiana Luiri X
Mexico TheChill X X


  1. ^ Covers of hits and chart songs are not allowed to enter.
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