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Own Eurovision Song Contest 50 - Kazan, Russia

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Own Eurovision Song Contest 50, often referred to as OESC #50, is the 50th edition of Own Eurovision Song Contest. The edition took place in Kazan, Russia, after they won in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 49, edition held in Turku, Finland.

Forty-five countries have confirmed their participation in the competition. The 50th edition will see Egypt, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Morocco, Poland and Serbia returning in the contest, while Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Malta, Lithuania, San Marino and Ukraine have decided to withdraw.

The 50th edition consisted of three shows, including two semi-finals, which took place on 28 July and 4 August 2018 and a grand final, which took place on 27 August 2018. The motto of this edition is "Daydream".

After a tense voting process, Poland won the contest for the fifth time, with Bovska's song "Kaktus". Last time Poland won was in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 44, edition held in Milan, Italy. Poland received a total amount of 160 points, winning by a margin of only one point. The runner-up of this edition was Turkey. Third place went to Czech Republic, fourth place went to Luxembourg, while the fifth place went to Lebanon and the sixth place went to the Georgia. Turkey and Lebanon received their best place in the competition, since their debut.

From the countries that were automatically qualified in the Grand Final only Czech Republic and Luxembourg managed to place in the top 10. United Kingdom finished in the 14th place, Finland placed 16th, while the host country, Russia finished in the 17th place and Montenegro placed 24th out of 26 countries that were in the Grand Final. (more)


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August 27, 2018

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December 27, 2018


Moldova Chișinău 01
Sweden Stockholm 02
Croatia Zadar 03
Slovakia Košice 04
Belgium Brussels 05
Malta Valletta 06
Moldova Soroca 07
Norway Oslo 08
Sweden Malmö 09
Denmark Copenhagen 10
Netherlands Amsterdam 11
Andorra Andorra la Vella 12
Poland Warsaw 13
England London 14
Germany Berlin 15
Russia Moscow 16
Denmark Copenhagen 17
Romania Bucharest 18
Hungary Budapest 19
Romania Timișoara 20
San Marino San Marino 21
Romania Constanța 22
Kosovo Pristina 23
Wales Cardiff 24
Åland Islands Mariehamn 25
Liechtenstein Vaduz 26

Poland Kraków 27
Algeria Algiers 28
Azerbaijan Baku 29
Northern Ireland Belfast 30
Macedonia Skopje 31
Spain Madrid 32
Georgia Tbilisi 33
Croatia Zagreb 34
Finland Helsinki 35
Syria Damascus 36
Belgium Antwerp 37
Greece Thessalonike 38
France Paris 39
Germany Nuremberg 40
Poland Katowice 41
Scotland Glasgow 42
Israel Jerusalem 43
Italy Milan 44
Poland Gdańsk-Sopot 45
Egypt Cairo 46
Russia Saint Petersburg 47
Ukraine Odessa 48
Finland Turku 49
Russia Kazan 50
Poland TBD 51


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