Flag of Kuwait
Broadcaster KTV
National Selection Kuwaiti Sound
Appearances 7 (3 finals)
First appearance 14
Best result 14th: 23
Worst result 17th SF: 18

Kuwait has participated in the Own Asiavision Song Contest 7 times since making its debut at the fourteenth contest. The country's best result is 14th place, achieving this at the Own Asiavision Song Contest 23.


Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify to the final
     Did not qualify to the semi-finals
     Withdrawn or disqualified
     Did not compete
Ed Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#14 Humood "Kun Anta"
Failed to qualify
13 58
Did not participate
#17 Fuad Murad feat. Carol Souki "Run Away" 18 69 5 82
#18 Shams "Ateq esbaa"
Failed to qualify
17 41
Did not participate
#20 Fatima Al Qadiri "Warn-U"
Failed to qualify
14 40
#21 Tamara Qaddoumi "Flowers Will Rot" 16 74 10 73
#22 Galaxy Juice "Pantagonia"
Failed to qualify
16 51
#23 Ghaneema "You Got Me" 14 86 9 61

Voting History Edit

(As of 23rd edition) Kuwait has given the most points to:

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Myanmar Myanmar 51
2 Flag of China China 45
3 Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 35
4 Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan 34
5 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 31

(As of 23rd edition) Kuwait has received the most points from:

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Jordan Jordan 37
2 Flag of Japan Japan 37
3 Flag of Syria Syria 34
4 Flag of Australia Australia 33
5 Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 32
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