Eleni Hatzidou
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Hatzidou in 2014.
Background information
Birth name Eleni Hatzidou
Born (1983-06-28) June 28, 1983 (age 36)
Origin Thessalonike,Greece
Genres Pop-Folk
Occupations Singer, Television Personality
Years active 2013–present
Labels The Spicy Official

Eleni Hatzidou (Ελένη Χατζίδου) is a pop-folk singer born and raised in Greece. She was born in Thessalonike,but she moved with her parents at the age of 5 to Alexandroupoli. After many years she came back to Thessalonike to start her own dream,singing. She studied Theology at Thessalonike,though she never had it as her actual job.

Hatzidou is one of the biggest new names on the stage,debuting with her single "Xeirotera"(Χειρότερα), written by also a famous composer,singer and song-writer Padelis Padelidis.She competes at Own Eurovision Song Contest 38 with her song Tora Mporo (Τώρα Μπορώ),in Thessalonike,Greece.

Early LifeEdit

Eleni Hatzidou was born in Thessalonike and has her birthday on 28 of June.At the age of 5 she moved with her family at Alexandroupoli,and specifically at the village Loutra,from where her father comes from.She grew in the nature having a great childhood.Big part of her life was music as her father was a greek folk musician.Her mother was a nurse at the local hospital,but as a kid Hatzidou even she grew up well, she remembers some situations with big family financial difficulties.Daddy's love for music had inspired Hatzidou singing.She wasn't singing with her mom's hairbrusher,but she never missed a chance to be part of school choirs,or in folk traditional dance classes.

After her high school years she studied Theology at Thessalonike.It wasn't what she wanted,but she wanted to thank her parents with that.She moves at Thessalonike and together with her studies she works as a barwoman,and at shoes or clothes shopping stores.Although singing was she really wanted to do at her life,so she starts step by step her singing.


  • "Xeirotera (Χειρότερα)"
  • "Apopsi Mou (Άποψη Μου)"
  • "De tha se perimeno (Δε θα σε περιμένω)"
  • "Tora Mporo (Τώρα Μπορώ)"

In Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

Hatzidou debuted in Own Eurovision Song Contest at the 38th edition.

Ed. Representing Host Song Place Final Points Place Semi final Points
#38 Greece Greece Greece Thessalonike "Tora Mporo" TBD
"Host country"
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