Malta "Angel"
Own Eurovision Song Contest 20 entry
Country Malta
Artist(s) Chiara Siracusa
As Chiara
Language English
Composer(s) Chiara Siracusa
Finals performance
Semi-final result 13th, 46 points
Appearance chronology
◄ Ultraviolet (19)   
Sinners (21) ►

"Angel" was the Maltese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, performed in English by Chiara.

In contrast to the up-tempo styles dominating the Contest, the song is a solo love ballad. Chiara sings to her lover that, no matter what, she will be "your angel". The chorus culminates with the line "I'm always here for you".

In keeping with the lyrical simplicity of the song, Chiara performed solo onstage with a simple musical score backing her.

As Malta had finished the 2004 Contest in the top 12, the song was pre-qualified for the final. Here, it was performed third, following the United Kingdom's Javine with "Touch My Fire" and preceding Romania's Luminiţa Anghel & Sistem with "Let Me Try". At the close of voting, it had received 192 points placing 2nd in a field of 24 and pre-qualifying Malta for the final at the next Contest. In the voting, Malta received only one 12-point set, from Russia, a low number for a Eurovision runner-up.

The result was also Malta's best in Contest history, equalling Ira Losco's second place with "7th Wonder" but exceeding that song's score of 164 points (and indeed Chiara's own score of 165 with "The One That I Love").Angel managed to peak at #95 on the German Singles Chart Top 100.

The song appeared as a "favourite" on the CD and DVD sets produced to commemorate the Congratulations special in late 2005.

It was succeeded as Maltese representative at the 2006 Contest by Fabrizio Faniello with "I Do".

Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

The song was selected to represent Malta in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 20 held in Timsioara,Romania.

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